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The director Ivailo Spasov and camera man Georgi Markov are in the roots of the latest music video shot at in.stuido. Tens of lights with programmed regime lit the set.

A lush Lamborghini was a gem in the video.

The atmosphere was even denser with the special effects of Gerry the Smoke: heavy smoke and smoking geysers.
The big shooting crew fulfilled their job in a professional manner and the raw material took on its way to the post-production studio under the supervision of Ivailo Spasov.

The professionals from Clamer Design Studio (, with the art direction of Georgi Manov and production management from Atanas Barzakov, realized their new project at in-studio: TVC for a famous soap brand.
Krasimir Andonov and Nikolaj Iliev worked with great passion behind the camera.

A set-up for a bathroom with running water was made from scene masters Svilen Nikolov and Marin Panovski.

The shooting site was skillfully lit from the team of Konstantin Popov, who was very pleased that the truck was parked almost in the studio, and the very heavy equipment did not had to be carried too much.
The video was shot in high cadence with the Phantom of Alexander Rizov.
The photos for the print ads made Encho Naidenov.
Stefifilm’s experts took care for the catering of at the shooting site.

Artificial rain, pool of rose petals and the aroma of soap added to the fresh atmosphere at the site.

It was definitely a pleasure to work with such pros.

May the TVC have success in post-production and on-air and generate great sales.

We started the year on “green”
Green paint, green box…
First video shooting at!
We were quite hot, despite January, so that our models in bathing suits feel comfortable. Other participants in our team also fell hot – the snakes and the terrier.
We also had a representative of the auto industry – a jeep.
People, dog, reptiles and a car!
The shooting was done by Boyan’s team and now is in the hands of postproduction guys.
We wish them success!