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Sinar will be presenting several new products and services as a world premiere. All these novelties and innovations are immediately available and are also displayed on the brandnew Sinar Homepage (
Sinar lanTec

Mobile Sinar Camera Systems establish standards in professional digital Photography. The balanced handling of the new Sinar lanTec enables you to shoot images of highest quality even in handheld operation.

Sinar eXact

Sinar launches a unique digital back that covers the entire range from 12 to 192 megapixels in one product. The new Sinar eXact optimally rounds out the top segment of high-end professional photography.

scp – Sinar Care Protection

This unique All-Around Worry-Free Full-Service offered for Sinar Digital Backs heralds a new dimension in the performance of digital products, because it is refreshingly and thoroughly different from all other currently available warranties. The scp safeguards complete value retention of the photographers investment for many years, providing him or her with the peace of mind of completely risk-free operation. Sinar covers all the costs of repairs and shipping and offers a free-of-charge exchange for a new digital back to suit your needs.

Sinaron Digital HR SW 5.6/90

The new Sinaron Digital HR SW 5.6/90 mm high resolution lens impresses with its outstanding performances and perfectly fits professional shift and tilt view cameras.

Sinar offers this lens in eShutter, CMV-, CEF- and CPL-shutter versions.

Sinar CaptureFlow – New Image Processing Software

CaptureFlow combines many years of experience and know-how of two professional photo enterprises to an innovative product. The technically sophisticated software is geared to the high demands of professional photographers. The partnership between Sinar the solution provider for high-end cameras and the color management specialist basICColor leads to the creative and workflow-oriented image processing software CaptureFlow. Thanks to the sophisticated color profiling solutions the photographer gains high quality images and an optimized workflow.

ward winning photographer of athletes Alan Mahon workedon a recent campaign for Visa featuring the fastest man on the planet Usain Bolt.
Alan needed a large space to shoot this so the venue was chosen as the Excel exhibition centre in east London. For quality of the shot he needed the latest high speed flash equipment from broncolor the Scoro A4S 3200J power pack. The set included a total of 16 packs and 26 heads all supplied from Direct Photographic in London. In Alans words he describes why broncolor was the equipment of choice for this shoot.

The job was to capture Usain Bolt from multiple angles simultaneously so that the images could be used in many formats, I used the Scoro A4S 3200J power pack because of 4 key features: Flash duration, 3 outlets per pack, fast recycle times and built in radio receivers.

Designed and manufactured at SinarinSwitzerland
Fastest shutter speeds: up to 1/125 second
Wide-angle photography with view cameras is now possible by means of lenses built into recessed tubes
The 7-blade iris diaphragm provides a nearly circular aperture
The most modern components and electronics permit a very compact and light-weight construction
Can be built into diverse camera platforms
Conversion of existing O-size lenses, including Schneider
Complete functionality with all brands of digital backs
Control via PC or Mac as well as remote control via Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch