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The Black&Snow and Head project of is visiting Sport Hotel Банско, where the 15 unique prints are exhibited.

The exhibition is dedicated to the events for the World Cup in Bansko, and was arranged in the hotel’s lobby right before the competitions.

Ted Ligeti on the Black & White & Head exhibition

The photographs are made by Boris Dimitrov for in several ski trips to Tirol, Austria, and are finished in the black and orange style of Head’s visual communication (by Irena Rangelova from the ad agency In.Vento R).

You can buy your favorite print in a stylish frame for 275 BGN. The photos are unique prints and will not be further printed without consent of their new owners. Also, some of the photos are already sold, therefore if you would like to buy one, we will have to check  it’s availability.

Photographs from the latest Carrefour catalogue “Wine Days”, shot at
Food styling: Georgi Malinov and Rositsa Dimitrova.
Photography: Boris Dimitrov.

photography: Boris Dimitrov
make-up: Rumen Chakarov
location: in-studio
Photography session for Carrefour’s children sport collection. Some of them were published in promo brochures of the hypermarket.